Range Management Unit(RMU)

Following the forest department structure RMU will be created as an extended arm of the SDMU and as a part of the autonomous society i.e. PMU. RMU will be headed by a RMU Chief who is in the rank of Ranger or above in the Forest Department. S/he will facilitate project implementation at the range level, and will also extend all technical inputs and guidance to Beats within their jurisdiction and at field level on day-to-day basis. RMU Chief will be responsible for supervising and guiding the works carried out by the Beat Officers as well as JFMCs/ EDCs, and facilitate convergence at the block level.

RMU Chief will be supported by set of personnel viz., Community Organizer, Livelihood Coordinator, Assistant Field Accountant, and Range Data Analyst. S/he would be further supported by Beat Officers and Field Facilitators engaged at the JFMC/ EDC level. Female candidates will be encouraged to join the Project at various positions. The structure of RMU is given in the figure below.