Soil and Moisture Conservation

  1. A total of 1453 check dams will be constructed under this component: 3 earthen check dams of Model I in each JFMC , 2 earthen check dam of model II in each JFMC and 2 RCC check dam of Model III for every 5 JFMC.
  2. A total of 1269 Brushwood checkdam will be constructed for Gully Plugging in the project area.
  3. Countour Trenches will be construted on steep hillside over a total of 1125 ha as a soil and moisture conservation measure in project area.
  4. Mulching and plantation will be carried out over 846 ha around SMC structure for effective moisture conservation in the project area
  5. The effectiveness of these measures will be studied through a regular system of recording data using appropriate equipment and technology by incorporating best practices and a forest hydrological model suitable for Tripura will be developed.