Governing Body (GB)

The Governing Body will be headed by the PCCF & HoFF Tripura. Composition of the Governing Body as notified vide Government Notification No. F.22A-1(2) / For-JICA / Society / 2018 / 40165 - 233 dated 29 December 2018 is as follows:

SL No. Name Designation
1 Principal Chief Conservator of Forests & HoFF Chairperson
2 Chief Wildlife Warden Member
3 Chief Conservator of Forest, Working Plan & Survey Member
4 Chief Conservator of Forest, Territorial Member
5 Director, NTFP Centre of Excellence Member
6 Special Secretary, Rural Development Department Member
7 Additional Secretary, Finance Department Member
8 Director, Industries and Commerce Department Member
9 Director, Fishery Department Member
10 Director, Tribal Welfare Member
11 Director, Science, Technology & Environment Department Member
12 Chief Engineer, PWD (Water Resources) Member
13 Director, Animal Resources Development Member
14 Director, Agriculture Department Member
15 Chief Executive Officer, TTAADC Member
16 Chief Executive Officer & Project Director, Tripura JICA Project Member Secretary

Function of GB:

  • GB shall be responsible for providing authority to the PMU for day-to-day functioning, approval annual plan of operation and other proposals.
  • GB shall provide necessary guidance in preparation of the operational manual, monitoring financial and physical progress of the programmes of the Project, monitoring disbursement of loan proceeds.
  • The GB shall meet at least once is a year. Ordinarily fifteen days’ notice shall be given before a meeting of the Governing Body. In case of urgency the meeting may be held at a shorter notice.
  • A minimum of three members shall form the quorum for the meeting of the Governing Body.